Linear Drains by QuickDrainUSA

The year was 2008 and I was earnestly looking for a way to incorporate a linear drain in a bathroom for a client, however I couldn't find anything available in the market. So I adapted a square drain cover into a tiled trough and voila, my in-house linear drain makeshift was created!   

But very soon after, it was with joyful surprise that I saw an ad by QuickDrainUSA placed at the TileLetter magazine, introducing the linear drain in the US market. I immediately contacted owner, Josef Erlebach, and ordered my first ProLine linear drain, even before I had a project to use it. And I loved what I saw!

Having become a linear drain aficionado long before everybody else was talking about, specifying, installing and manufacturing it, I returned over and over to QuickDrainUSA asking for more. "Do you offer a drain cover in antique copper plating over solid brass?", I would ask. "Not really, but we will create one for you", Josef would reply. Later I would call back asking, "What about surrounding a five-side irregular shower with a perimeter drain, so my client stays on the middle high ground away from the water?". "We haven't done it yet, but surely you will have it!" was the answer. In the next call, I would ask, "In this exterior balcony, I need to connect several linear drains together. The only problem is that they need to follow a curved perimeter. What should we do?". "Well, that's really new, but we will arise to the challenge. Just send us a template for us to follow", Josef would respond. 


Since then, QuickDrainUSA inventor Josef Erlebach and I keep challenging each other on creating new solutions for bathrooms and showers. Our friendship extends to his lovely family and beautiful Fresno, where they get their inspiration from the imposing Colorado mountains, and covers the territory whenever there is a trade show, a training opportunity, a hands-on demonstration or any other excuse for us to get together and brainstorm.

The linear drains by QuickDrainUSA are the only drains in the market that allow the contractor to adjust their length on site without the need of custom measuring and ordering. Therefore, their drains can always run from wall-to-wall for a single one-plane slope and a complete capture of water when the drain is placed at the shower entry. 

Linear drains are the perfect companion to our Hollspa Floating Shower Bench for a fully accessible shower. They provide barrier-free access, and can be placed at the shower entry, against the back wall, or even under the floating bench.

How to Order

Holland Bath & Spa is a QuickDrainUSA authorized distributor.

  • Browse through QuickDrainUSA's website for design and specification information.
  • Email us or call at 301.926.6788 with any questions on QuickDrainUSA products, or to request a quotation.

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