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Typical Costs / How much might my new bathroom cost?


Our process allows you to be in charge of how much your new bath/spa is going to cost, guiding you through the best scenarios that will match your design and budget requirements.

For the budget conscious, we offer value-engineered packages of finish materials that save both time and money. For example, our team is specially trained by the suppliers of certain favorite plumbing and lighting items, which we stock and purchase with volume discounts.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have developed relationships with fabricators and manufacturers that enable us to custom design nearly anything imaginable, from custom mosaics to one-of-a-kind porcelain sinks and faucets.

From the first phone call and initial on-site design consultation, we openly discuss how different design approaches impact total costs, and deliberately choose different planning paths that will fit your needs and budget. While the sky is the limit to our creativity and to your investment, the majority of our bathrooms design-build projects falls within the general cost brackets below:

SMALL BATH • Sink/Toilet/Tub or Shower • 5 ft x 8 ft

$4,000 Design/Planning

$40,000 ~ $50,000 Construction

MEDIUM BATH • Two Sinks/Toilet/Tub or Shower • 7 ft x 11 ft

$4,500 Design/Planning

$50,000 ~60,000 Construction

LARGE BATH • Two Sinks/Toilet Closet/Tub AND Shower • 12 ft x 16 ft

$5,000 Design/Planning

$60,000 ~70,000 Construction

To schedule an appointment on site to review your needs and answer questions about our process, please call us or fill the online inquiry  below.

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