Introducing the HOLLSPA Floating Shower Bench

Beautiful and functional, the HOLLSPA Floating Bench was designed by Davis Holland for your personal comfort. The floating bench consists of two interlinked components: a fully customizable benchtop, and a high-performance supporting bracket system. These two components are purchased separately, allowing the buyer to mix and match with endless configurations.
You have the option to select from a range of HOLLSPA benchtop materials, shapes, and sizes, or you may custom order a one-of-a-kind benchtop creation for your own home. The elegantly curved supporting brackets are offered in a variety of finishes to match today’s modern and timeless design trends. Special colors may be requested as well.

The patented mounting system conceals all attachments behind the wall, resulting in a cleaner look. Its unique design also creates a gap between the slightly back-sloped benchtop and the wall. This gap allows for the water to run off easily. The gap also creates a floating impression which may be further enhanced by installing a soft, dim light fixture hidden under the seat.

Delighted homeowners and designers repeatedly praise the HOLLSPA Floating Bench for its timeless beauty, design simplicity, and superior comfort. But HOLLSPA offers more than superbly created floating benches, it also provides reliable, friendly customer service. This includes expert consultations with Davis Holland, who will assist in crafting your new bathroom-spa retreat, incorporating one of our elegant brackets, combined with either a standard or custom benchtop.

With Davis Holland’s experienced assistance, many new owners acquire a shower experience that becomes a sanctuary. A sanctuary where they feel energized for the day ahead, and where they return at the end of the day for a restorative cleansing... in other words, an inspiring lifestyle change for you.

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