Floating Shower Bench Kit

Create your Own Customized Shower Bench

  • Bring our template to your fabricator and create your own bench in the size, shape and material of your preference
  • The Floating Bench Kit comes in stainless steel satin finish, which coordinates very well with chrome, nickel and other common finishes

Revolutionizing The Way We Design Showers

  • Provides comfort and accessibility, especially when paired with a tasteful grab bar, a convenient hand-held spray, and a barrier-free curbless shower entry
  • With the purchase of a seat top being optional, your fabricator will use the included template to supply a customized seat top that fully integrates with your bathroom design, with great flexibility in shapes and sizes 
  • The seat top does not touch the walls, delivering a clean, floating look, which you may enhance with the use of a waterproof LED night light under the seat


  • Patented, concealed mounting system stays dry and out of sight, behind tile and backerboard
  • Brackets and trims made of #304 stainless steel – extremely strong and corrosion resistant
  • Plastic inserts included for wall cut-out, expansion joint, and waterproofing
  • Template included for buyer-provided seat top
  • Rough kit can be shipped ahead of time for immediate wall closing
  • ADA compliant


Parts might vary; US Patent 9808127

  • Two Bench Brackets, 0.25" (6.3 mm) #304 stainless steel
  • Two Bench Trims, #304 stainless steel
  • Two Metal/Concrete Epoxy Adhesive -- for bonding seat top
  • Template for buyer-provided seat top
  • One Rough-In Package including:
    • Two Concealed Brackets, 7ga #A1011 steel
    • Two Temporary Plastic Inserts
    • Set of Structural Wood Screws & Hex Bit, corrosion resistant


Floating Bench Dimensions:

Seat Top Parameters

These are the suggested minimum, standard, ADA and maximum seat top dimensions. A full-size seat top template is included with the Floating Bench Kit, for buyer-provided fabrication. Use only 3 cm engineered quartz or material of equivalent strength.

12"x24" White Quartz Top - available stock

As an alternative to the buyer customized seat top, we offer a ready-to-ship option in polished Arctic White quartz in one  size: 11.5"x 23.75"x 1.25" thick

Installation Overview

Featured Projects

Accessories Available

Inquire about these options:

  • Extensions (Left & Right) for longer seat tops and cantilever applications
  • Rough Kits for floor mounting usse (concrete), CMU wall, and concrete wall
  • Support Plate for thin adn soft stone seat tops


  • For new and renovation construction -- NOT FOR RETROFITING
  • Requires structural bracing per instructions
  • Not designed to be used as standing platform

Made in USA



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