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Architectural Ceramics -- Our Partner in Tile Design and Selection

The year was 1998 and Davis had been working for five years as a project manager for a small design-built practice in Bethesda, MD. When tile was needed for one of their renovation projects, Davis would visit Architectural Ceramics in their humble but thriving once single-location showroom/warehouse, at that time located off Gude Drive and Southlawn Lane in Rockville, MD. One day, the regular tile setter was sick and Davis decided to install the tile himself. His friends at Architectural Ceramics were surprised. "We didn't know you install tiles!", they said. "May we refer you some customers, on the side?". Through the next two months, Davis got so many referrals for tile work that he quit his day job and began installing tile fulltime. That's how Holland Tile was born (before becoming Holland Bath & Spa, to reflect the current emphasis in bathroom design and renovation).

Since then, Holland Bath & Spa and Architectural Ceramics have collaborated in countless tile projects, many of them becoming the subject of awards and prizes at all levels -- locally, nationally and internationally. 

The precise selection and design of tile is absolutely critical for a successful project. The particular structural, technical, design, style, lead time and budgetary aspects must be considered from the offset of any new project. With so many variables and often overwhelming number of options available, we strongly recommend that the first visit to the tile store be made after our initial in site consultation in your home.

However, if you are way too eager to wait, please do yourself a favor and book a complimentary appointment before heading there. While Architectural Ceramics have many talented tile consultants spread over their seven locations, here is by a long shot my favorite:

Architectural Ceramics Bethesda Showroom

6807 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
301.718.8343 Main Line
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